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That face! As much as I love him like one of the family I am the first one to admit he can stink. (he insists it’s just my imagination but…no)  As a result I’m always looking for ways to freshen the house but I hate chemical, cloying scents. One of my favourite ways of using natural scents is with a reed diffuser which can get pretty pricey so I make my own.


Diffuser supplies
1. A jar that has a relatively small mouth so that the scent doesn’t evaporate too quickly.
2. Reeds, rattan are best because they have vertical channels that wick the scent up the length of the sticks but bamboo will work if you don’t have rattan. You could even use bamboo skewers from the dollar store. The reeds should be twice the height of the container.
3. Carrier oil, safflower, sweet almond or grape seed oil will all work
4. Essential oils have become quite easy to find and you can get really creative here. Lavender, clove, lemon… have fun with it.
5. Alcohol,  rubbing alcohol from the drugstore or in a pinch vodka will work, just make sure it is at least 90% alcohol.
Combine one quarter cup of the carrier oil, 25ish drops of the essential oil, one teaspoon of the alcohol together in the jar. set the reeds in place and once they become saturated turn them over regularly (weekly) to increase the scent.
Reeds for diffuser
Lavender in the fall… cloves at Christmas… lemon in the summer…

What should I use for a spring scent?

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