November Playlist | Maritime music playlist

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They say it flows in the blood or is in the water somehow. Music permeates everything in the Maritimes and we love our home-grown talent. The following is a small sample of some of the best that the Maritimes has to offer. No traditional music here just simply a playlist of wonderful artists.

1. Amelia Curran  Somebody Somewhere

2. Dave Gunning  Living in Alberta

3. David Myles  When it Comes My Turn

4. Dan Doiron  Am I Blue Enough

5. Rose Cousins  Dance if You Want To

6. The Town Heroes  Holdin’ Up Grants

7. Jenn Grant  Dreamer

8. Wintersleep Weighty Ghost

9. Joel Plaskett  Nowhere With You

10. Matt Andersen  I Lost My Way


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