Frangrant Herb Wreaths | Fresh herb wreath

Fresh herb wreath

Although it’s close, in my house it’s not time yet to launch full-on into Christmas decorating. I have to hold off for a little while longer so I’m easing into the holiday season by making a fresh herb wreath.

I have found a bunch of stunning examples on-line for sale that will serve as inspiration and reference.

The one pictured above is my home-made version. I used a small grape-vine wreath base which made a sweet little finished product that was perfect for around the base of a pillar candle. The fragrance from the warming and drying herbs made it perfect for the centre of the dinner table.

herb wreath supplies

I made a base layer of rosemary to fill out and cover the form. I then made small bunches of herbs and secured them with tape before fixing them to the wreath with wire.

Rosemary wreath

The base layer of rosemary.

Herb bundles

The bundles of tarragon, sage and oregano.

Herb wreath with candle

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