Glitter acorns | Glitter acorns


Glitter acorns

Because today is the 1st of December, I feel I can now safely launch into full-on Christmas mode. I recently made these cute little glitter acorns – I think it’s the mixture of the natural, rough cap and the soft shine of the glitter that appeals to me.

I started by taking the dog for a walk in the woods and foraging through the leaves for acorns. Like anything that you pick off the ground, acorns need to be washed and dried to make sure that no little crawling things skitter out on your mantel. I spread them on a baking sheet and put them in the oven at 200 degrees for a couple of hours.

Two acorns

When they cooled I found that a lot of caps  had fallen off the nuts so I glued all the caps back on with a  glue gun. Then all I had to do was brush the glitter glue on and roll around in a tiny bowl of glitter.  And… done! I’m off intense colour at Christmas this year,  so I chose a soft silver from Martha Stewart, but any glitter would do.

Glitter supplies


Acorn in bowl


Three acorns

So far these little beauties have moved around from the mantel, to a wreath, to a cloche. I could even hang them on the tree – or better yet – make a mini tree covered with them.




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