Make a stunning wreath easily | Cedar wreath

Door wreath

I won’t claim to have made the wreath pictured above but I did make it special. I started with a base of a plain cedar wreath that is available at pretty much any grocery store right now.  Starting with a symmetrical, well-made wreath is a whole lot more efficient and let me get to the fun embellishment part faster.

Plain cedar wreath

The only other green that I used was seeded eucalyptus bought at the garden centre. As far as I can tell the burgundy eucalyptus was sprayed and not naturally that colour, but the contrast was perfect.


From the grocery store I got kumquats, key limes and physalis (Cape gooseberries) which I wired with florist wire.

wreath add-ons

Starting with the greens, I inserted the cut pieces into the existing wreath base and tried to make the form more organic or wild looking. I then moved on to the burgundy eucalyptus and spread it evenly throughout. The fruit was last and was wired securely with floral wire. Make sure you stand back and check the form often. So from a basic store-bought wreath I got a custom made, pretty spectacular front door wreath.

I’m thrilled with the result, it will be interesting to see how the fruit holds up. I wonder if the squirrels will strip it bare?

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