A dog bed fit for a king | Make a dog bed cover


Dog on bed

This is Gillis and he’s a great dog in every way. One of Gillis’ cutest moves is a hold the dog bed in your mouth move which, according to research, is a method of self-soothing. You can see him self-soothing below with another bed. What stresses this dog needs to alleviate? I have no idea, he lives like a king.

Gillis self soothing

Gillis, for all his wonderfully endearing qualities, wrecks dog beds regularly because of this self soothing. The corners get all gummed and discoloured and the bed covers look disgusting. I was thrilled to find a great DIY project on a wonderful blog last year and made my own version. Find the original inspiration blog here.

I bought a painters drop-cloth at Canadian Tire because it is inexpensive and durable and I wanted the rougher look. I used supplies from the dollar store for most everything else.

Supplies:  hardware store painters drop cloth// craft brushes from dollar store// black paint from dollar store// a roll of self adhesive book cover from dollar store//x-acto knife// sewing machine

I measured the existing insert from one of the ruined dog beds (there are a number to choose from around here) and created a design in Adobe Illustrator to scale. The inspiration for the design was the Nova Scotia flag because Gil, even though born in Ontario, adores Nova Scotia. I cut out the rectangle for the first side and for the other side I used the prefinished edges of the drop-cloth to create an overlap back. Using the print-out as a template I cut a stencil from the roll of self adhesive book cover. I placed the medallion, peeled off the backing, stuck it to the fabric and applied the paint. I then used painters tape for the cross on the outside and was done.

Dog bed in progress

It certainly isn’t a perfect paint job but I wanted a rough, handmade feel. All that was left  to do when it dried was to sew the three pieces together. I’m quite sure I’ll end up making another fairly soon so I didn’t make gusseted sides which would have made it look much better. Perhaps next time.

Finished dog bed

You can see below what reaction it got from his highness.

Gillis on bed

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