Natural sisal bowl | Sisal rope bowl

Sisal bowl

I have been searching for years for the perfect food basket but everything was either too big, too small or too mass produced. I couldn’t find one that was just right so I decided to make my own. That’s usually why I start these projects.

A simple roll of 100% sisal rope from the hardware store (all natural and biodegradable), a hot glue gun, some fine twine and some sort of vessel for a shape reference were the only supplies.

sisal bowl supplies

Because the sisal rope will fray very easily I finished the ends by wrapping them with a fine twine.

finished end of sisal rope

Starting with the bowl upside down I simply coiled it around and hot glued it in place. Make sure that you don’t get too much glue on the bowl itself because it can be extremely hard to get the mold out once the glue cools. Another option would be to constantly move the glass bowl slightly so that the glue doesn’t stick.

Sisal bowl process

Continue wrapping and glueing until you come to the centre where you will tie off the end again so it won’t unravel.

Bottom sisal bowl

The finished bowl is all-natural, homemade and ready to hold fruit, bread or anything else you can come up with. Simple and natural.

Sisal bowl final
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