Lego cord holder | Lego cord holder

We love Lego in our house. I can’t begin to estimate how much money has been spent on it over the years. (Perhaps better for me that I don’t go down that path.) These neglected little guys have found a new purpose in life as little guardians against the dreaded sliding charger cord.

Lego cord holder

So they’re actually good for something other than destroying your feet!

Vintage sign letters | Vintage sign letters

I have always loved letterforms, I guess it’s my graphic design background. I have been collecting vintage sign letters for the past few years from flea markets and antique stores – the older, more distressed the better.

faded metal letters

My letters migrate around the house, some disappear for months at a time if I get tired of them. The contrast of these simple forms against the formal furniture that we’ve inherited really appeals to me. I don’t want my letters to spell anything, I’m really scared they’ll become “twee”.

large letters on table

metal letters on table


Large metal E

I have collected a number of my favourite posts and articles from different sources showing stunning examples of vintage sign letters. I won’t use anyone else’s photos without permission so you’ll have to click on the links below.

The first example is my absolute favourite and is from and you have to scroll down to see the hallway with the giant Q. Some day when I grow up I want to have that hallway.

The second example is from and is a gorgeous giant letter on an office wall.

I want to wander through this flea market in Nashville featured on le-minimalist.blogspot

This large r reminds me of my big b which I love.

Home t-shirt | Home t-shirts

Home Tshirt

Are you feeling far from home? Are you feeling connected to home?

Either one… doesn’t matter.

These wonderful home t-shirts will cure your homesickness, declare your allegiance and make you stand tall. Made by a Truro, Nova Scotia company Beck & Boosh the shirts strike the perfect note of pride without being clichéd.

Home T-shirt

My son got this one from my sister for Christmas and I just love it.