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snow in branches

If ever there was a Saturday to sit and surf for interesting sites this is it. Lots of snow everywhere around us. Grab a cup of coffee, settle in with a view of the snow and get exploring.

How do we love lego? Let us count the ways. Wonderful repurposing of lego found here.

Great Scott what a lot of work, but how stunning. See a massive restoration project at Chateau de Gudanes here and make sure to look at the Captains Log.

This simple project called Wind Map just makes me happy. It’s like meditation somehow.

Given how much snow the Maritimes is getting, this might be the best mode of transportation this week.

I’ve been following this blog for a couple of years now. There is something so compelling about these tiny figures.


Valentine Playlist | Valentine Playlist

Valentines playlist

The playlists that I post on What would Mamie do? are all Maritime artists. Some of the best music in the country comes from the east coast, but everyone knows that. Here’s a great list for Valentine’s Day.

  1. David Myles Be With You
  2. Thom Swift Forever
  3. Stan Rogers Forty Five Years
  4. Thom Swift Sweet Thing
  5. John Alcorn Isn’t it Romantic
  6. Whitney Rose You Only Love Me in the Summertime
  7. Meaghan Blanchard Waltzing With You
  8. Lennie Gallant You Don’t Know How Beautiful You Are
  9. Dave Gunning Saltwater Hearts
  10. Rose Cousins Dance If You Want To

Meerkat ring holder | meerkat ring holder

Everyone needs a little prettiness and silliness in their lives. Especially in early February when the thermometer refuses to budge up and the days refuse to lengthen. I have just the thing in these little animal ring holders.

ring holder on vanity

Meer cat ring holder

Take off your rings and leave them safe and sound with this adorable little meerkat. White paint, a plastic figurine, hot glue and a dollar store set of tiny plates and you have everything you need.

meerkat figurine

Two ring holders

These holders would be perfect beside the kitchen sink or where ever else people take off their rings and jewellery.

Deer with rings