Malignant Cove and Ecum Secum | Nova Scotia place names

Road trip nova scotia

We’re all yearning for summer, warm weather and summer vacations. Not that you’d know it right now but Nova Scotia is the perfect province for a road trip. Take your time and along the way, if you keep your eyes open, you’ll see some wonderful place names.  I grew up in Nova Scotia and I still hear place names that make me smile.  Here are some of my favourites.

  1. Sober Island near Halifax
  2. Lower Economy in Colchester County
  3. Garden of Eden in Pictou County
  4. Cow Bay outside Halifax
  5. Mushaboom near Halifax
  6. Shag Harbour in Shelbourne County
  7. Sissiboo Falls in Digby County
  8. Meat Cove at the northern tip of Cape Breton
  9. Ecum Secum in Guysborough County
  10. Eureka in Pictou County
  11. Crows Nest in Guysborough County
  12. Bucklaw near Baddeck
  13. Egypt in the Margaree area of Cape Breton
  14. Concession in Digby County
  15. Malignant Cove in Antigonish County

Travelling slowly and taking your time to wander will uncover lots of wonders and who could resist a side trip to Garden of Eden?

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