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lobster tags

Even though 2015 lobster season in the Northumberland Strait is off to a dismal non-start I still love the lobster theme. These dip-dyed tags are an homage to my favourite crustacean. Some Arches paper, a container of water, some inks and/or paints and some twine are all you need. The tags above are simply dipped into the paint and water numerous times allowing for a bit of drying and setting in between dunks. I just experimented and had fun.

The quote, “You are my lobster.” is from the tv show Friends. Phoebe told Rachel that Ross was her lobster meaning a true love to which you will always go back. Silly, I know.

red marbled tags

The tags above are an experiment with a bit of a marbling technique. A happy accident when I was adding some red ink to the water basin and before it was mixed I dropped the tags on top. The effect is quite beautiful and organic, I think.

red marbled tag

A Mother’s Day gift might look pretty stylish with this attached.

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