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Boat ride

The air was so fresh, the coast so green and the ocean and sky so blue, what a boat ride. Roughly twenty of us were lucky enough to go out last weekend and if you’ve ever seen  Cape Islander you’ll know that twenty people is a very manageable load. The boat pictured below is a slightly smaller version of the boat we were on.

Cape Islander is the style of fishing boat most commonly used in the Strait and has a distinctive large step-up to the bow. The sharp bow with the exaggerated flare deflects choppy waters efficiently and creates more usable deck space. The boat we were on had just finished fishing lobster for the season on July 4th.

Cape Islander boat

Because were relatively close to shore for our hour and a half motor we got a very different perspective on an area that we know very well. Seeing your home from the water is a great experience.

The Northumberland Strait between Nova Scotia and Price Edward Island is relatively shallow which can make it really choppy but also makes the water wonderfully warm for swimming unlike virtually everywhere else in the province. Long beaches with expansive sandbars are a child’s heaven. At our point in the Strait we are sometimes able to see PEI on the horizon but on this particular evening it wasn’t visible.

A change in your perspective is always a good thing.

Boat wake


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  1. Beverly Wolsey July 31, 2015

    It is so amazing to live by the ocean We have Kelly’s brother and family here, swimming,kayaking,watching the waves. Your boat trip looks amazing. We will put Nova Scotia on our bucket list again. Bev


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