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beach glass map

Nova Scotia beaches are beach glass heaven. I’ve collected it for years and there is something very zen about walking and searching slowly along a beach.

I have ended up with lots of bowls of sea glass in both the cottage and in the city but have struggled with ways to use it. Look at these two gorgeous light fixtures I found on Etsy using sea glass. I wonder if you could manage something like this as a DIY? But then again, it might be easier to just get the credit card out.

beach glass chandelier

This sea glass chandelier, found on Etsy,  is fabulous.

beach glass light fixture

Another gorgeous light fixture here.

beach glass votive

This votive is really sweet and looks pretty manageable as a DIY.



  1. Margaret Snyder October 5, 2015

    I would like to make the tea light votive pictured on your website – What type of glue would be best to use so as not to change color of the glass. Also what is used as the base-it looks like corrugated cardboard?? Please email me- Thanks

    • Mamie October 8, 2015

      Hi Margaret,
      I just published a post on how I made my votive. I used a hot glue gun and built around a small dollar store glass votive. Really easy and the heat from the candle doesn’t seem to be near hot enough loosen the glue. Good luck with it!


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