Tied Up With a Bow | ribbon

Muslin bow

At this point I guess it’s pretty clear that I’m obsessed with anything indigo but I’m also having a dipping and dying moment. Pretty much anything that I can find I dunk it into an ink or dye bath. So fun.

Stack of ribbon

I have lots of left-over fabric so I ripped strips, rolled them up loosely and started dunking. Some of them (the muslin above) didn’t absorb all that much but the thinner cotton absorbed a ton. The cotton almost started to take on a shibori feel which wasn’t what I was hoping for but still really like. I experimented with different degrees of dilution with water which is evident in the photo above – some of the ribbons ended up with a blue that is really dark. Clearly any colour could be used and really any paint, dye or ink because as long as you’re not planning on washing the ribbons durability isn’t an issue.

I wonder what else I can dunk into indigo?

Stack of ribbon

Shibori ribbon

Gift with ribbon

All tied up with a ribbon.

Dip dyed ribbon

My Shibori Experiment | shibori

Any time I’m asked for my favourite colour I feel a little sheepish saying the usual blue but that’s the truth. Indigo, prussian, cobalt, sky, periwinkle… I love em all.

I was thrilled when I learned that The Shop in Toronto that gave workshops in the Japanese dying method of shibori. Shibori is a method in which fabric is folded, scrunched, tied or sewn and then dunked in an indigo dye bath.

I wish I had some photos of the method, perhaps next time I’ll be more on-the-ball and take some. Here is my end result which I really like. I’ve just decided how I’m going to use the fabric so I’ll have a post about that soon.