It’s Purge Season

Christmas and the holidays are such a time of excess. Food, wine, gifts, boughs and decorations are all wonderfully festive but by the time the new year rolls around I want to say enough! Time for a major purge and time to clean everything out.

The question is… could you be a minimalist? There are obviously degrees of minimalism, we have all seen photos of interiors where you think, “but where do they keep the toothbrush?”. That’s not the look I’m going for I just want some breathing space. I’m sure everything that’s hidden away will eventually make it’s way back out but for now I’m going to try. Here are some minimalist interiors a few are examples of minor changes that everyone can live with while others are more drastic.

Seriously, where is the shampoo?

minimal bathroom

Banish bitty things – Everything I took off the mantel to make way for Christmas decor, will stay in the cupboard for a while.

white wood fireplace

Clear off the coffee table of magazines and baskets – a carefully curated few items is all that’s allowed as seen here.

bare coffee table

Only the essentials in the bedroom – I can’t help but think that anyone would sleep more soundly in a room devoid of major distractions. There are a number of minimal rules at play here; no headboard, black and white gallery wall. The indigo bedding is absolutely fantastic and monochromatic.

minimal bedroom

Clear off the countertops – I think we’d all be amazed at how much space we actually have. (as found here)

minimal kitchen

Go for the big statement – you can have a whole minimalist house delivered turn-key from Vipp Shelter.

vipp shelter

Bare is good – if possible, consider rolling up the carpet and living with bare floors for a week or two.

bare floors

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