In defence of fruitcake | Fruitcake

Pineapple fruitcake

Question: Has everyone who says they hate fruitcake tried it??

People love to hate fruitcake, there is a visceral reaction in most people when you mention it. Virtually anyone you ask will say that they hate it.

I blame Johnny Carson. In the seventies he made a joke the premise of which was that there really was only one fruitcake and people just keep passing it around. It’s been downhill from there.

There are two types of fruitcake – my Mom’s recipe and everything else. We won’t even mention the nasty brown bricks wrapped in cellophane, prepared months before they are to be eaten and shipped all over the globe. Those are nasty.

My Mom’s recipe, that she has been making for roughly 65 years or so (no joke), is a pineapple fruitcake. My whole family loves it. This evening I combined sultana raisins, chopped cherries and citrus peel. I added crushed pineapple, almond extract and vanilla extract. The smell is pure Christmas to me. Boy, is it ever true that scents bring back memories! Tomorrow I’ll combine the rest of the ingredients, add that to the  fruit mixture and bake it for two or three hours.

Try a piece of this super moist and crumbly cake with a piece of aged cheddar and now we’re talking.

Johnny Carson didn’t know a thing!



A sweet little moss wreath | moss wreath

Christmas decorating means little touches of greenery all around the house. This simple project will be perfect hanging on a mirror, off a doorknob or as a sweet hostess gift.

Simply buy a bag of dried moss and a small grapevine wreath at the craft store or florist and go to work with a glue gun. You really can’t get it wrong because the more organic looking the better.


Moss wreath


wreath on door knob


wreath on mirror

wreath options


Celebrate hump day with cookies! | bark

Why is it that for the next two weeks most of us feel the need to constantly be within arms-reach of some type of baked goods? I think for a lot of people (me included) food is equated with the warmth of home, especially at this time of year.

My Mother was, and is, a superb cook and baker who would make extra pies on Christmas Eve and my Dad would drive all over delivering to friends and relatives. Along with the pies she would make cakes, pudding and cookies… lots of cookies.

A few weeks ago my friend Robin and I had a cookie baking morning and both recipes turned out pretty successfully – tasty and pretty. I made a peppermint bark and Robin made a red velvet shortbread recipe. Links to the two recipes are below and are dead easy.

The Red Velvet Shortbread cookie recipe can be found here.

red velvet shortbread


The Peppermint Bark recipe can be found on here.

peppermint bark

Happy hump day!