Recipe napkins | Recipe napkins


Apple jelly and napkins


My 90 year old father still makes apple jelly every year. This year he and my sister made roughly ninety jars!  90 jars and 90 years old.

Last year I took a one-day silkscreening workshop in Kensington Market in Toronto. We were taught the basics of screen printing on a Sunday afternoon and were able to complete a simple printing project. Most people printed a t-shirt but my project was these recipe napkins featuring Dad’s hand written apple jelly recipe. Since I was able to take the screen home it was really easy to gather a few supplies at a craft supply store and make a whole set. Screen printing ink and a squeegee are pretty much all you need outside the screen itself. There are a number of places in Toronto where you can take an introductory screen printing class. (see below for links)


Recipe printed napkins


Napkin close-up

I have found four places where you can take an introductory class or course on screen printing in Toronto.

  1.  Model Citizen in Kensington Market
  2. Peach Berserk
  3. Harbourfront Craft Studio at the Harbourfront Centre on Queens Quay
  4. Contemporary Textile Studio Co-op on Richmond Street

Printed cloth napkins | Printed cloth napkins

I love setting a table for dinner. I personally think that the way you present your food is just as important as what your food tastes like. You can serve your guests a  mediocre meal with flair and style and pull off an epic dinner party. But you serve fantastic fare with bare-bones presentation and you’ll fall flat on your face.

A huge part of a good place-setting is the napkin and the best way to impress is with a linen napkin. Perhaps it’s my graphic design background but my personal favourites are napkins that feature text. I have seen love letters, sonnets, etiquette tips and I have made some of my own with recipes printed on them. I have pulled together some examples of my favourite printed cloth napkins.


EAB Design Paris napkins

Printed Paris napkins from EAB Designs

Eat napkins Etsy

Eat printed napkins from ReinventingOrdinary on Etsy

Love letter napkins

Love letter napkins from UncommonGoods

Manner napkins

Manner napkins from UrbanBirdandCo