Fake a beach glass look

Are you landlocked but still want the look of beach glass?  I have found the easiest diy ever to fake the look of depression glass or beach glass using junk store glassware.

faux beach glass

Fake beach glass bowls

Using matte finish mode podge, food colouring and any glass vessel around you can easily create a pretty decorative piece. Certainly not for use with food but these would be lovely for display as a group at a beachy themed wedding or party.

I picked up a couple of very inexpensive pieces of glassware at Value Village. I think pieces with a lot of texture work best for this application but you can try any sort of finish. I mixed matte mode podge with food colouring drops until I got the colour I wanted and started painting. I applied two coats, letting the first dry for about an hour in between. That it! The finish is a lovely soft matte just like beach glass and imagine the variations in colour you can work with.

Beach glass bowls


Beach Glass Votive | Beach glass votive

I have a large collection of beach glass sitting in bowls and getting dusty so I was really excited to find the beach glass votive used as an example in an earlier post. I have had a hard time finding appealing ways to use my precious collection but I think I’ve finally found something I like.

I bought a small glass votive at the dollar store to use as a base so I wasn’t trying to build from scratch and it would be safe and fire-proof. I then used my smallest pieces and built the veneer of beach glass like a brick wall. I used my hot glue gun and wasn’t too concerned with being super particular about neatness.

This was very easy to make and it looks really pretty when lit from within. Other than the blister on my thumb where I fused some glass to the skin I love the result.

P.S. I started to use tweezers to manipulate the little pieces of glass after the unfortunate glass/skin incident.

beach glass votive

You can see in the photo below my slightly messy glue application. I don’t think it detracts from the look at all.

sea glass votive

Beautiful Beach Glass Lights | beach glass

beach glass map

Nova Scotia beaches are beach glass heaven. I’ve collected it for years and there is something very zen about walking and searching slowly along a beach.

I have ended up with lots of bowls of sea glass in both the cottage and in the city but have struggled with ways to use it. Look at these two gorgeous light fixtures I found on Etsy using sea glass. I wonder if you could manage something like this as a DIY? But then again, it might be easier to just get the credit card out.

beach glass chandelier

This sea glass chandelier, found on Etsy,  is fabulous.

beach glass light fixture

Another gorgeous light fixture here.

beach glass votive

This votive is really sweet and looks pretty manageable as a DIY.