Herb Easter Eggs

Three herb Easter eggs

Easter decor is associated with newness, baby animals, buds, eggs – everything fresh. I find decorating for Easter really enjoyable, I spend so much time decorating for Christmas that I really want Easter to be a lot more low-key. I do, however, keep to the same “rules” that I set for myself at Christmas: everything natural and avoid artificial anything.

These lovely little herb coated Easter eggs fit into my decorating requirements perfectly. They would make a beautiful centrepiece as shown or nestled in a distressed terra cotta pot with some moss they would be stunning.

I used natural hard-boiled eggs and applied the fresh herbs with modge podge. I used real eggs because I assumed the herbs wouldn’t last very long anyway. I made these examples a few days ago and they still look exactly the same although I have kept them in the fridge most of the time. I’m going to assume they would easily last a few days out of the fridge.

Herb Easter eggs

I used marjoram and thyme because the thyme leaves were so tiny and the marjoram leaves were so soft and flexible. I had visions of rosemary looking really amazing but the leaves were so rigid that they wouldn’t stay on the eggs. So you might want to keep that in mind if you make these. I must say, that the thyme leaves had to be applied with tweezers which was a bit hard on the eyes but really easy and quick to do. I put a layer of mode podge on the eggs and applied the herbs and then coated the whole egg again.

Herb egg supplies

This egg treatment will help bring a bit of naturalness indoors this Easter.  Enjoy.

Herb Easter eggs