Fake a beach glass look

Are you landlocked but still want the look of beach glass?  I have found the easiest diy ever to fake the look of depression glass or beach glass using junk store glassware.

faux beach glass

Fake beach glass bowls

Using matte finish mode podge, food colouring and any glass vessel around you can easily create a pretty decorative piece. Certainly not for use with food but these would be lovely for display as a group at a beachy themed wedding or party.

I picked up a couple of very inexpensive pieces of glassware at Value Village. I think pieces with a lot of texture work best for this application but you can try any sort of finish. I mixed matte mode podge with food colouring drops until I got the colour I wanted and started painting. I applied two coats, letting the first dry for about an hour in between. That it! The finish is a lovely soft matte just like beach glass and imagine the variations in colour you can work with.

Beach glass bowls


Fire Starter DIY

fire starter

What’s the appeal of a wood fire? It’s lots of things, the smell, the crackle and the warmth. A real wood fire is a necessary part of Christmas. But the hassle of crumpled newspaper and kindling I can do without. Taking a few of these fire starters in a pretty mesh or paper bag as a hostess gift would be a great idea.

I’ve seen homemade fire starters lots of places and have wanted to try my hand at making some. This DIY is an amalgamation of a number of different methods.

Pinecone Firestarter


  • dried pinecones
  • paraffin wax
  • vegetable oil
  • small containers
  • natural twine
  • double boiler


Search out small bowls that you may have on-hand that will just fit the size of pinecone you are using. Grease them liberally with vegetable oil and set aside. Wrap natural twine around and through the pinecones to aid in lighting.

In the top of a double boiler melt the wax completely. I used paraffin but you can use beeswax as well. Pour  the melted wax carefully into the bowls and gently place a pinecone in each. You can add more wax to the bowl at this point if needed.

melting wax

Set the bowls out to cool and harden overnight. When the wax has cooled completely gently twist the pinecone out and you’re done. You can add essential oils to the wax for a scented starter but I didn’t bother. Natural fire smell is best all on its own.

fire starter process


Snowy White Clay Trees | snowy clay trees

three clay trees

I first saw these little trees on Pinterest made in green polymer clay. Following the link I was taken to a blog that seemed to have gotten the image off Pinterest so I can’t tell where the original idea came from.  I love these little trees so much but I wanted to make mine in white polymer to make them look snow laden. Imagine how cute they would be grouped as a forest in the centre of a dinner table? Here’s how I made mine:

clay christmas tree

Starting with white polymer, oven cured clay bought at the craft store, form a small cone. Using nail scissors, which are perfect because of the curve of the blades, snip from the top all around the cone flicking up slightly as you pull the scissors out. Make sure that you are snipping in an irregular way so that your branches aren’t lined up one on top of the other.

clay tree method

Follow the manufacturer’s directions for baking. (mine was about 20 minutes at 250 degrees) and you’re done! If you are going to make a number of trees make sure that your clay cones are different sizes for a more natural grouping.

snowy clay trees