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In honour of the beginning of lobster season in the Northumberland Strait I’ve collected some fun lobster themed items. There are few things as ugly as a lobster. Given that, I wonder how it’s possible to have such a wide variety of items that are really appealing using the lobster motif? Except for the Isabella Blow hat, that’s just creepy.

Lobby Royale lobster wallpaper

The gorgeous soft colours in this wallpaper from Abnormals Anonymous render the lobster  quite abstract and surprisingly pretty.

Tibi lobster dress

Tibi has created a pop version of the silhouette in this striking dress. See it on the Tibi site here.

See the wonderful fashion muse Isabella Blow in an iconic Philip Treacy lobster hat here.

Anthropologie door knocker

Anthropologie has a beautiful lobster door knocker for sale here. I don’t think it would hold up to the salt spray we get on the front of the cottage? If you’re away from the ocean go for it.

Elsa Schiaparelli lobster dress

One of the great fashion designers of early 20th century fashion, Ilsa Schiaparelli created this stunning dress in 1937 in collaboration with Salvador Dali. It is currently in the collections of Philadelphia Museum of Art, unfortunately it isn’t on display but you can see it here.

This concept car from Nissan isn’t strictly a lobster car but it certainly is suggestive of our favourite crustacean. The Nissan V2G (vehicle to grid) electric car was the winner of the LA Design Challenge in 2009. Read about it here on

Nissan V2G car

These Charlotte Olympia lobster heels were available at Neiman Marcus but it looks like you’re out of luck – they’re sold out.

Charlotte Olympia lobster heel


My personal favourite item is the Nike SB Dunk low premium lobster. I think the way they recreated the mottled shell colour, used the checkered tablecloth pattern on the interior and especially the claw elastic is hilarious. They are from 2008 and it seems they are no longer available. Read more about them here.

Nike SB lobster