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NYT link

Everyone on our Nova Scotia beach is ultimately trustworthy but if you happen to frequent a more congested beach you might find yourself treading water while keeping a close eye on the valuables you left on the beach. The New York Times published an article with some tried and true methods of hiding valuables and foiling a beach burglary here.

street art link

I’m a  huge fan of street art and graffiti, this graffiti alley in Toronto isn’t too far from where I used to have my studio downtown. Street artist Paul “Moose” Curtis has etched endangered animal species on the grime of London’s sidewalks here.

404 link

This game is the coolest 404 page I’ve ever seen.

post it war

I want to work in one of these offices! What a great environment, not sure how much work got done, though.

art app

I wish I had this app before Michael and I went to Paris last June.

Cool time

Telling the time just became much more interesting than pulling out your phone. See it here.


March’s Favourite Links | March’s favourite links


It’s the last day of March already! It seems like it has flown by except, of course, if you live in the Maritimes. Being stuck inside because of mountains of snow can cause cabin fever. You know what cures cabin fever? Interesting sites to surf.

I’ve been getting a lot of comments recently from my son about the lack of desserts. Well, I’m making this recipe from portandfin tonight and that should take care of any complaints.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has installed stunning light fixtures charmingly called Shylights that mimic opening flowers as they fall 30 feet from the ceiling. I would love to see them in person but I’m not sure I would get any further, I might just stand and watch Shylights all day. See them in motion at thisiscolossal

Uh oh, be prepared for some major travel envy. The Outside magazine list of the 30 Most Incredible Trips to Take in 2015 has a lot to add to your bucket list. Prepare to get some serious wanderlust here.

This is my kind of camping! Seriously a fantastic idea for those who want to “camp” not go camping. East Coast Glamping in Nova Scotia here.

Watching these lobster fishers is like watching a well choreographed dance. What a physical job. Watch lobster fishermen off Yarmouth here.

Favourite Five for March | five favourite sites

It’s Friday and it’s mid-March already. If we just keep our head down and keep slogging along we’ll get there together. There is slush and rain in our near future but things are going to brighten up, they always do, so for right now forget all that and browse. Happy Friday.

These illustrations by Victor Nunez on This is Colossal using ordinary, everyday objects are wonderful and whimsical. 3D Illustrations

You’ll have a serious case of wanderlust after seeing this. Amazing places to experience around the globe on Coolhunter.

If you’re heading to London these guidebooks look fantastic. Herb Lester Associates

So this recipe for Apple Cinnamon Baked Doughnuts with Brown Butter Glaze is on the absolute to-do list. Just need to get a pan and then I’m there.

Want to try your hand at creating your own plaid? If you’re a Maritimer you do! Do it here on Plaidmaker

Personalized plaid