Tied Up With a Bow | ribbon

Muslin bow

At this point I guess it’s pretty clear that I’m obsessed with anything indigo but I’m also having a dipping and dying moment. Pretty much anything that I can find I dunk it into an ink or dye bath. So fun.

Stack of ribbon

I have lots of left-over fabric so I ripped strips, rolled them up loosely and started dunking. Some of them (the muslin above) didn’t absorb all that much but the thinner cotton absorbed a ton. The cotton almost started to take on a shibori feel which wasn’t what I was hoping for but still really like. I experimented with different degrees of dilution with water which is evident in the photo above – some of the ribbons ended up with a blue that is really dark. Clearly any colour could be used and really any paint, dye or ink because as long as you’re not planning on washing the ribbons durability isn’t an issue.

I wonder what else I can dunk into indigo?

Stack of ribbon

Shibori ribbon

Gift with ribbon

All tied up with a ribbon.

Dip dyed ribbon

Jellyfish Tags | Jellyfish tags

Jellyfish tags

Wouldn’t these cute tags look wonderful on a thank you gift or attached to a bottle of rosé for a hostess? Easy little handmade tags make a simple bottle of wine or a gift look extra thoughtful. Using arches paper cut to size and dipping it into a water and ink solution either once or multiple times I then drew a simple jellyfish shape with a fine marker. I came back  and added some more ink on top.

Jellyfish tag

Jellyfish tags

Jellyfish tag


Dip Dyed Tags | Tags

lobster tags

Even though 2015 lobster season in the Northumberland Strait is off to a dismal non-start I still love the lobster theme. These dip-dyed tags are an homage to my favourite crustacean. Some Arches paper, a container of water, some inks and/or paints and some twine are all you need. The tags above are simply dipped into the paint and water numerous times allowing for a bit of drying and setting in between dunks. I just experimented and had fun.

The quote, “You are my lobster.” is from the tv show Friends. Phoebe told Rachel that Ross was her lobster meaning a true love to which you will always go back. Silly, I know.

red marbled tags

The tags above are an experiment with a bit of a marbling technique. A happy accident when I was adding some red ink to the water basin and before it was mixed I dropped the tags on top. The effect is quite beautiful and organic, I think.

red marbled tag

A Mother’s Day gift might look pretty stylish with this attached.