Are you cross today?

It’s Monday and you might be feeling a bit cross, so here you go. I’m really late to the party on this one but I still find Swiss crosses used in interiors and anywhere else really appealing. The true Swiss cross is based on the Swiss flag and has very specific dimensions dictating the thickness versus the length of the arms.

Some observations for cross use:

  1. These are crosses not crucifixes and as such, must be symmetrical (really a plus sign)
  2. It is most strikingly used monochromatic and bold
  3. Textured white on white is really appealing
  4. Repetition is good, more is more

How stunning would these tiles be as a backsplash?

cross tiles

Ready-made (and useful) art for the cottage or cabin. Hang one or two on the wall.

cross paddle

The shape would lend itself to knitting really easily. This motif lends itself to DIY really well as an easy shape to work with and replicate.

cross pillow

The Swiss cross can be really cute when personalized and used in the nursery.

cross baby items

Again, the repetition is what makes the most impact. You could easily replicate this with a jigsaw and plywood.

cross wall art

The one exception to the black and white rule for swiss crosses is red. The original colour and the colour of Victorinox Swiss Army knives and the Red Cross.


kleenex box

Ideally suited to a spare Scandinavian design aesthetic this motif is a classic.

It’s Purge Season

Christmas and the holidays are such a time of excess. Food, wine, gifts, boughs and decorations are all wonderfully festive but by the time the new year rolls around I want to say enough! Time for a major purge and time to clean everything out.

The question is… could you be a minimalist? There are obviously degrees of minimalism, we have all seen photos of interiors where you think, “but where do they keep the toothbrush?”. That’s not the look I’m going for I just want some breathing space. I’m sure everything that’s hidden away will eventually make it’s way back out but for now I’m going to try. Here are some minimalist interiors a few are examples of minor changes that everyone can live with while others are more drastic.

Seriously, where is the shampoo?

minimal bathroom

Banish bitty things – Everything I took off the mantel to make way for Christmas decor, will stay in the cupboard for a while.

white wood fireplace

Clear off the coffee table of magazines and baskets – a carefully curated few items is all that’s allowed as seen here.

bare coffee table

Only the essentials in the bedroom – I can’t help but think that anyone would sleep more soundly in a room devoid of major distractions. There are a number of minimal rules at play here; no headboard, black and white gallery wall. The indigo bedding is absolutely fantastic and monochromatic.

minimal bedroom

Clear off the countertops – I think we’d all be amazed at how much space we actually have. (as found here)

minimal kitchen

Go for the big statement – you can have a whole minimalist house delivered turn-key from Vipp Shelter.

vipp shelter

Bare is good – if possible, consider rolling up the carpet and living with bare floors for a week or two.

bare floors