Living Inside a Jewel | saturated

It’s the time of year that our attentions turn inwards away from the cold weather. We turn toward warmth, coziness and cocoon-like spaces, right? Well I’ve been gathering examples of super-saturated interiors to show you. I’m not yet brave enough to take this plunge but I do love to look at these.mulberry library

This supersaturated, over-the-top colour is Mulberry by Benjamin Moore. I dare you to have the guts to try this look found on here.

green library

The Architectural Digest website has a slideshow of jewel-like interiors here. Some of what they have chosen is much too stuffy in my humble opinion but this green library is stunning.

Zandra Rhodes interior

This photo shoot of designer Zandra Rhodes’ interior (seen here) is saturated colour taken to the max.

cheerful entry

Colour treatment doesn’t have to be heavy or oppressive just have a look at this truly cheerful entryway. Wouldn’t this be a joy to walk into?

black walls

The wall colour is super saturated but it doesn’t take centre stage here, the furnishings are what creates the total wow.

blue walls

I am so not-glamorous-enough to live in a space like this, but in my dreams…