Favourite Links of October | Favourite links


I love this photography series so much. Have a look at these portraits of auto mechanics in the style of renaissance paintings by Freddy Fabris found here.

The coolhunter.com has a list of amazing places that just makes me what to hop on a plane and visit any one of the places listed here.

I read Ai Weiwei’s post on Instagram on Friday about how Lego refused to sell him their plastic blocks because his art was too political. Has it ever snowballed! BMWs full of lego? Have a read about it here.

Does what a brand stands for influence your spending habits? If it does then REI the giant outdoor chain in the States may be your new favourite store. They are calling it #optoutside and are refusing to open on Black Friday after American Thanksgiving but employees will still be paid. Read about it here.

These knit meals and food by Jessica Dance are wonderful, whimsical  and hilarious see them here. I think the hotdog is my favourite.

We searched for ages in June before we found Shakespeare and Co. in Paris. Yes, we used the GPS on my phone, an app and a good old fashioned guide book and it still took us a good long while. Apparently now when you find that elusive bookstore you can also go next door for a coffee. I find it a little disappointing and commercial but read all about it here.

Wow, poor old NSCAD. Will it survive the move when enrolment is so low already? Read about the move out of Historic Properties here.

Cozy chunky knitting | Cozy chunky knitting

chunky knit cowl

With the frigid winter weather comes a craving for warm and cozy anything. I have a theory that if your neck is warm, you are warm so I turned to the knitting needles.

This is knitting on an exaggerated scale – chunky knitting. The absolute best thing about working on this scale is the speed at which you progress. It is totally gratifying to sit down and see major changes in your project quite quickly. I used a wool, acrylic blend Patons Cobbles yarn in Super Bulky weight and size 19 knitting needles and worked horizontally rather than in the round. This made it easier to judge the size because I wasn’t using a pattern but making it up on my own.

yarn and needles

chunky soft knitting

I cast-on 19 stitches and worked a seed pattern which is one knit, one pearl alternated with the next row worked in the opposite one pearl, one knit. It’s a really simple pattern but has a great texture and is the same look on both the right and wrong sides.

chunky seed stitch

I kept knitting until I felt it was the right length to be cozy and not too floppy. About 46 rows of knitting. Cast off and simply sew the short ends together and that’s it. This is one of the simplest knitting projects ever and is a great introduction to knitting.

The finished cowl is so soft and cozy, it’s like wrapping your neck in cotton balls.