Orange Shoes are Cheerful

Apricot, cantaloupe, coral, salmon, tangerine, pumpkin and persimmon. Have you ever noticed most of the synonyms for the colour orange are food-based? That’s because orange is a delicious colour.

I was in Calgary earlier in the fall and my sister bought the most wonderful pair of Fluevog shoes (see them here) that have a great orange accent colour. Those shoes sent me on a search for even brighter pumpkin-hued footwear. Below are the best of the bunch and are bright enough to cheer up the gloomiest fall day.

orange shoes

1.Aquazzura, Pixie tassel-back sueded sandals / 2. Kim Kwang Watercolour Effect ankle boot / 3. Car Shoe ankle boot / 4. Camper Memphis leather slingback sandal / 5. Chloé “Lauren” pumps / 6. Chiara Ferragani “Flirting” glitter slippers / 7. Athletic Propulsion Labs TechLoom mesh sneakers / 8. Pierre Hardy curved heel pumps

Leather Tassels | leather tassels

leather tassels

Tassels swish and swing and add a bit of flair. Who can resist a tassel? Bag charms are having a moment right now so I wanted to see how I could make my own tassel version.

Here’s what you’ll need and how to make them:

  • leather scraps (mine come from a fabric store and cost 50 cents each)
  • cutting matt
  • xacto blade or box cutter
  • metal or metal edge ruler
  • hot glue or super glue
  • a key ring or a ball chain section

leather tassel making

Cut out a straight-edged rectangle of leather and lay it out on the cutting matt. Either measure or freehand cut strips as parallel and as straight as possible along the whole length of the leather leaving 1/4 to 1/2 an inch at the top.

Turning it over to the back side glue a thin strip of the leather in a loop to one end with the hot glue. Then lay a bead of hot glue along the upper edge and roll the leather tightly making sure to align the top edge.

rolling tassels

Attach a  short piece of ball chain to the leather loop and it is ready to adorn any bag or zipper. The beauty of something like this is when you get bored you can simply swap it out or remove it.

tassel tops

In the photo above you can see the tops of the grey and white shorter tassels and how they are rolled. In this version the leather loop is much longer so it didn’t need the chain,  just use the loop to attach to a bag or tote.

tassel key chain

The photo above is of a more masculine tassel which has an attached key ring from a freebie give-away. Another piece of leather was cut and glued on inside-out as an added trim.  These would make fantastic and easy stocking stuffers.

tassel top