Spring lilac colour palette

The scent is heavenly at this time of year with blossoms and lilacs everywhere but how can you make your favourite blooms last?  Bring your lilacs inside by developing a pretty, romantic colour palette that would be perfect for a young girl’s room.

lilac colours

lilac colour swatches

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They’re so fragrant, they’re so pretty, they’re so fleeting! I’m talking about lilacs those stunning, flamboyant, scented darlings of May.

There are apparently 28 species of lilacs which have been so inter-bred that not even experts can always identify the hundreds of different varieties. Just this morning, on the radio, I heard an advertisement for a Blue Meringue variety that blooms twice a year. Once in the spring and once in later summer.

The season is too short but I guess if it were longer we might not appreciate it so much. Here are some ways to incorporate lilac into your life year round.

1. How cozy, warm and pretty would this be in a little girl’s room? This lilac sheepskin rug can be bought here.

Lilac sheepskin rug

2.  OK so this photo is of a model but how cool would a lilac coloured Morris Minor be?

Lilac Morris Minor


3. This wallpaper from Farrow & Ball is technically wisteria but to me it looks a lot like lilac.

Farrow & Ball wisteria wallpaper

4. This grape and lilac hat created by Camille, a french designer circa 1900 is from the Metropolitan Museum’s collections. Made from cotton and horsehair it looks comfortable and stylish… Non?

Lilac hat

5. Benjamin Moore paints list no fewer than 208 shades of purple. That’s a pretty good selection!

Benjamin Moore purples

6. This vintage lilac motif dress from Etsy is just one of the gorgeous finds from this vendor. See it here.

Lilac vintage dress