Indigo cross napkins | Indigo cross napkins

napkin on plate

I have a passion for table linens, actually it could be bordering on an obsession. Cloth napkins bring a touch of importance to a meal, they are ecologically friendly, they are gracious and they are easy to use. It’s simple, you just wash them and fold them right out of the dryer. Not that difficult to manage, really and you’re keeping tons of paper waste out of landfills.

So, that being said, my most recent linen project was these indigo cross napkins. There is no complicated stencil or techniques involved just some fabric paint and a water brush. I used some pre-made napkins that I had left-over from another project but you could easily use any white fabric and simply hem straight edges on a sewing machine. Or if you’re not a sewer just cut the fabric to the desired size square and fray the edges.

cross napkins

These napkins are 18 inches square which is the standard size for an informal dinner napkin.

painted cross

We’ve all seen a lot of this cross pattern recently – usually in black and white but remember, anything that black can do indigo can do better.

place setting


Four county napkins | Four county napkins

place name napkins

I picked up four little linen cocktail napkins at HomeSense last week. They were pretty unremarkable and drab but a great soft washed linen fabric.

One of my favourite things is lettering, monograms or text on linens and if you add in a Nova Scotia reference, even better. So, of course, I had to tart up my drab little napkins with some text.

I used a permanent black marker and traced over a computer print-out of four Nova Scotia county names against a window. Remember what you did as a kid? Tape the print-out up and then tape up the fabric and viola… instant lightbox.

four county napkins

I am absolutely going to make more of these in blue and white for the summer.