Best Road Trip Podcasts | podcasts

road trip podcasts

You’re three or four hours into your road trip and you’ve exhausted all musical and conversational options. What do you do? Plug in to a podcast and time will fly by. There are so many hours of listening here you can take that epic road trip with ease.

  1. Serial; This American Life WBEZ Chicago
  2. Vinyl Cafe Stories; Stuart McLean CBC Radio
  3. M 24; Monocle Radio
  4. The Current; Anna Maria Tremonti CBC Radio
  5. James O’Brien’s Mystery Hour; LBC
  6. Here’s the Thing With Alec Baldwin; New York Public Radio
  7. Under the Influence; CBC Radio
  8. Ask Me Another; NPR
  9. Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me; NPR

Summer Road Trip Playlist | Road Trip Playlist

Road trip playlist

You’re packing up, loading the car, planning the route and off you go. Now what? Hours of asphalt lays ahead of you and the CBC will only get you so far without repeats. Sing along and tap the steering wheel to these gems.

  1. The Trews (featuring Serena Ryder) In the Morning
  2. David Myles Simple Pleasures (Classified Mix)
  3. Thom Swift Take a Drive
  4. Paper Lions Travelling
  5. Lennie Gallant Before We Sell This Car
  6. Steven Bowers Backroads of Heaven
  7. Ben Caplan Bang to Break the Drum
  8. Kev Corbett The Driving Song
  9. Old Man Luedecke Baby, We’d Be Rich
  10. Matt Andersen I lost My Way

Valentine Playlist | Valentine Playlist

Valentines playlist

The playlists that I post on What would Mamie do? are all Maritime artists. Some of the best music in the country comes from the east coast, but everyone knows that. Here’s a great list for Valentine’s Day.

  1. David Myles Be With You
  2. Thom Swift Forever
  3. Stan Rogers Forty Five Years
  4. Thom Swift Sweet Thing
  5. John Alcorn Isn’t it Romantic
  6. Whitney Rose You Only Love Me in the Summertime
  7. Meaghan Blanchard Waltzing With You
  8. Lennie Gallant You Don’t Know How Beautiful You Are
  9. Dave Gunning Saltwater Hearts
  10. Rose Cousins Dance If You Want To