Marbled Mugs | Marbled coffee mug

Marbled coffee mug

I really love it when I can take a traditional craft and use it in a way that’s not stuffy. I’ve been admiring marbled papers a lot lately but they look so very traditional and staid in most uses. Then I stumbled upon a whole lot of tutorials on both Pinterest and Youtube for marbling with nail polish and had an aha moment. These mugs use the same basic method as paper marbling but the end result is anything but ordinary and I did them all using dollar store mugs and the cheapest nail polish I could find at the drug store. In about an hour I had some beautiful one-of-a-kind mugs in my favourite colours.

Marbled mugs


  • Plain, smooth ceramic mugs (mine are from the dollar store)
  • Whatever nail polishes appeal to you (two colours seem to work well, I chose the cheapest polish at the drugstore)
  • A disposable container deep enough to dip the mug into or one that you will use for this purpose only.
  • Toothpicks

Marbled mug supplies


  1. Fill container with warm water
  2. Carefully drop or pour first nail polish colour into the water. Try not to pour too quickly because the polish will settle on the bottom and you want it to remain floating on the surface of the water.
  3. Pour the second colour of polish into the first and swirl it with a toothpick. Note: You’ll have to work pretty quickly at this stage because the polish forms a film on the surface and becomes useless.
  4. Dip the mug straight down into the water and polish and lift straight back out.
  5. Repeat process for each mug. Clean away any stray blobs and film of polish with toothpick in between dippings.
  6. Dry on newspaper, clean and sip away!

Marbled mugs


Nailpolished marbled mugs