The ocean is calling

The ocean is calling

Seven days. I have seven days left in Toronto before I head back to Nova Scotia for two months. Just writing that scares me a bit because of all that I have to get done in those days but never mind.

Maritimers are sometimes ridiculed for wanting to go home so often. Why is that? Why wouldn’t you want to go to the Maritimes? Especially in the summer.

Here are just five of the reasons any sane person would want to high-tail it back to Nova Scotia:

  1. The natural beauty. National Geographic has said that the Cabot Trail is a “must see”. Any list of top drives in the world will list the Cabot Trail as one of the most beautiful.
  2. Golf. Canada’s only true links golf course is in Nova Scotia.
  3. Music. It’s an integral part of life and kitchen parties so many great east coast artists.
  4. Pride in culture. English/gaelic road signs, anyone?
  5. Donairs, blueberries, lobster. Enough said.

Seven days is too long.

Home t-shirt | Home t-shirts

Home Tshirt

Are you feeling far from home? Are you feeling connected to home?

Either one… doesn’t matter.

These wonderful home t-shirts will cure your homesickness, declare your allegiance and make you stand tall. Made by a Truro, Nova Scotia company Beck & Boosh the shirts strike the perfect note of pride without being clichéd.

Home T-shirt

My son got this one from my sister for Christmas and I just love it.


Five books set in Nova Scotia | Nova Scotia Books


The days just after Christmas are delicious in many ways. There are lots of leftovers, cookies and chocolates abound and there’s no more wrapping. Things settle down a little and you can sleep in, stare into space and read.

Here are five great books set in Nova Scotia. They are all available on Kindle and Kobo so the best part is that you can start reading without leaving the house!

1. The Birth House by Ami McKay kindle kobo

2. Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald kindle kobo

3. No Great Mischief by Alastair MacLeod kindle kobo

4. The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill kindle kobo

5. The Bishop’s Man by Linden MacIntyre kindle kobo