Global Memories | Chalk paint globe

chalk paint globe

It doesn’t really matter if maps are flat, spherical, illustrated, stylized, historical or in a book. I love them all equally. The globe that’s been gathering dust in my son’s bedroom got a little makeover recently. What started out as a run-of-the-mill globe was transformed into a method of recording our recent family trips by the simple coat of chalkboard paint.

Original globe

We plan to draw, print, write and relive our favourite times together.

Chalk globe

Of course, I covered everything on the globe with chalkboard paint except God’s country.

Nova Scotia on globe


Dip Dyed Tags | Tags

lobster tags

Even though 2015 lobster season in the Northumberland Strait is off to a dismal non-start I still love the lobster theme. These dip-dyed tags are an homage to my favourite crustacean. Some Arches paper, a container of water, some inks and/or paints and some twine are all you need. The tags above are simply dipped into the paint and water numerous times allowing for a bit of drying and setting in between dunks. I just experimented and had fun.

The quote, “You are my lobster.” is from the tv show Friends. Phoebe told Rachel that Ross was her lobster meaning a true love to which you will always go back. Silly, I know.

red marbled tags

The tags above are an experiment with a bit of a marbling technique. A happy accident when I was adding some red ink to the water basin and before it was mixed I dropped the tags on top. The effect is quite beautiful and organic, I think.

red marbled tag

A Mother’s Day gift might look pretty stylish with this attached.

Indigo Easter Eggs | Indigo easter eggs

Three indigo easter eggs

Easter is early this year which means that it’s fast approaching. There are some decorations that are necessary for Easter, you really can’t do holiday decor without the egg. While I’m not a huge fan of traditional Easter eggs, I am a huge fan of anything indigo.

Why should pastels get all the fun? I much prefer a rich deep colour and I love the spontaneous feel of these eggs made with indigo acrylic paints applied to hard-boiled eggs.

Indigo easter egg

Use these intensely coloured eggs as the jumping off point to a colour scheme for an Easter brunch or an egg hunting party. Accompanied by some fabulous blue hydrangeas, some hyacinths or muscari, some indigo and white table linens these would be stunning.

Three indigo Easter eggs