Loving a Blue Christmas

When you think of Christmas colours blue isn’t one that comes to mind but I think indigo can be used beautifully in seasonal decorating. Then again, I think indigo is always appropriate. I’ve rounded up some of my favourite samples of all shades of blue at Christmas.

blue twig tree

This gorgeous twig tree can be found on Better Homes and Gardens here.

icy blue garland

This icy garland was found on the same site here.

blue painted pinecones

These blue, white and silver sprayed pinecones are my favourites. How gorgeous would they be in a guest room? They can be found here.

blue and white ribbon

Of course, what’s better than blue and white ribbon? I first showed this here.

blue tree

And finally, let’s just take it right up and over the top with a blue tree found at Canadian Tire here.


Bleached pinecones | Bleached pinecone diy

For a softly elegant look, bleached pinecones can easily be made at home.

bleached and unbleached

1. Using regular laundry bleach completely submerge pinecones in a solution of 1 part water to 2 parts bleach.

2. It can be tough to keep the pinecones submerged so I covered the top of the bowl with plastic wrap and weighted it with a plate.

3. Leave in the solution for at least 24 hours, mine were in the solution for close to 48 hours. The cones will close up and look like they are still brown but check the bottom of the cone and you’ll see definite lightening.

Wet pinecones

4. Remove them from the solution and dry on an absorbent cloth on a cookie sheet. I got really impatient and after about a day and a half I put the sheet into a 200 degree oven for about two hours. That worked perfectly and the cones opened up beautifully.


I think these beauties will be stunning on the mantel and on a wreath, they should really stand out against natural greens.

pinecone closeup



Make bleached pinecones