Favourite Five for March | five favourite sites

It’s Friday and it’s mid-March already. If we just keep our head down and keep slogging along we’ll get there together. There is slush and rain in our near future but things are going to brighten up, they always do, so for right now forget all that and browse. Happy Friday.

These illustrations by Victor Nunez on This is Colossal using ordinary, everyday objects are wonderful and whimsical. 3D Illustrations

You’ll have a serious case of wanderlust after seeing this. Amazing places to experience around the globe on Coolhunter.

If you’re heading to London these guidebooks look fantastic. Herb Lester Associates

So this recipe for Apple Cinnamon Baked Doughnuts with Brown Butter Glaze is on the absolute to-do list. Just need to get a pan and then I’m there. joythebaker.com

Want to try your hand at creating your own plaid? If you’re a Maritimer you do! Do it here on Plaidmaker

Personalized plaid

Favourite Five | Favourite blog posts

snow in branches

If ever there was a Saturday to sit and surf for interesting sites this is it. Lots of snow everywhere around us. Grab a cup of coffee, settle in with a view of the snow and get exploring.

How do we love lego? Let us count the ways. Wonderful repurposing of lego found here.

Great Scott what a lot of work, but how stunning. See a massive restoration project at Chateau de Gudanes here and make sure to look at the Captains Log.

This simple project called Wind Map just makes me happy. It’s like meditation somehow.

Given how much snow the Maritimes is getting, this might be the best mode of transportation this week.

I’ve been following this blog for a couple of years now. There is something so compelling about these tiny figures.


Five favourite posts of January

1. One of my favourite blogs is The Jealous Curator. I have seen more interesting art on this site than anywhere else and I love her tag-line “Damn. I wish I thought of that.” Love this work by Nicole Crock.

2. Chocolate espresso cinnamon rolls? Yes, please! Here on Joy the Baker.

3. Micahel Grab’s precarious bridges and balancing rocks on Colossal just make me happy. Period.

4. Have a look at this wonderful transformation of a home in Nova Scotia on Design Sponge.

5. Now this is just too cool –3D printed vases featuring multiple profiles. No, I can’t explain it… you have to see it.

Flowers January