Spring lilac colour palette

The scent is heavenly at this time of year with blossoms and lilacs everywhere but how can you make your favourite blooms last?  Bring your lilacs inside by developing a pretty, romantic colour palette that would be perfect for a young girl’s room.

lilac colours

lilac colour swatches

Baby’s Breath Wreath | Baby’s breath wreath

babes breath wreath

Tomorrow is the big day! Finally spring starts. There were times when I thought it would never come and I’m sure if you live in Nova Scotia or PEI you’re probably convinced that winter will never end. Ever.

As usual at this time of the year, I have been craving something pretty and floral. So I wanted to make a wreath using baby’s breath. We all associate baby’s breath with cheap grocery store bouquets but if you use any flower on its own it can be quite stunning.

wreath supplies

I had the wreath form already so I went out and bought five bunches of baby’s breath at $3.49 each. So less than twenty dollars for all the supplies.

I made many little bunches of flowers and started building the wreath. The result is a perfect blend of frothy prettiness and monochromatic restraint. Used inside or out it’s a great, quick pick-me-up for dreary spring weather.

baby's breath wreath on mirror

baby's breath wreath