Plum Inspiration | plum inspiration


Plums play an important role in my childhood recollections. My Great Uncle Collie had a grove of plum trees outside his farmhouse and as a result we had bags of plums in the house all fall. We were sent off to school with a few plums in our pocket as a treat for recess. Not much of a treat when you’re in grade two and all you want is a Wagon Wheel or a store-bought cookie, but that’s beside the point. Every day… two plums in the pocket. So the sight and taste of plums really bring me back and say fall, home and warmth.

The variety of colours of plums can range from deep purple, to ruby red, to bright orangey yellow but most commonly it is a rich reddish purple that is a true plum. Get ready for some plum inspiration, or plumspiration.

Plum Aga stove

Aga stove in Aubergine

Plum kitchenaid mixer

KitchenAid boysenberry mixer from The Bay

Anne Sportin Cocktail ring

Anne Sportun cocktail ring

J Crew Field jacket

JCrew field jacket

Plum wallpaper

Lucy Plum wallpaper from Graham and Brown

Kate Spade bag

Kate Spade bag

Plum Wine

This Japanese plum wine is available through the LCBO.



Beautiful Beach Glass Lights | beach glass

beach glass map

Nova Scotia beaches are beach glass heaven. I’ve collected it for years and there is something very zen about walking and searching slowly along a beach.

I have ended up with lots of bowls of sea glass in both the cottage and in the city but have struggled with ways to use it. Look at these two gorgeous light fixtures I found on Etsy using sea glass. I wonder if you could manage something like this as a DIY? But then again, it might be easier to just get the credit card out.

beach glass chandelier

This sea glass chandelier, found on Etsy,  is fabulous.

beach glass light fixture

Another gorgeous light fixture here.

beach glass votive

This votive is really sweet and looks pretty manageable as a DIY.


Opening Doors in Paris | Paris doors

blue and brass Paris doorknob

Wouldn’t you be extra happy to come home every day and reach for some of these beauties to open your door? You’ve got your fresh flowers, your bottle of wine, a baguette and some wonderful cheese… sigh. I know, it’s stereotypical but it’s a nice daydream anyway. Here are just some of the photos of gorgeous door hardware that we spied walking around Paris in June. I was lucky enough to catch a few of these doors opening as I lurked nearby (trying not to be too obvious and creepy) and the courtyards are just as stunning.

Paris snake doorknob


wood and brass Paris door


blue door face knocker Paris


blue Paris door


Paris blue door