Impressive and Stylish

Home T-shirt

I love to support Nova Scotia companies and when they’re doing good for the community as well as producing a product I love it’s a win-win.

Last year I wrote a blog post (see it here) about a t-shirt that my son received for Christmas that I thought was just wonderful. At that point the shirts were produced by a Truro jewellery company called Beck and Boosh. They have since broken off that part of the company into My Home Apparel and are donating 5% of their profits to groups in Nova Scotia fighting to end homelessness. CBC news did a story about the company and their impressive philanthropy which you can read here.

Go buy a t-shirt and help fight homelessness.

Snowy Links

horses in snow

Gorgeous, laboriously produced snowflake photos by Don Komarechka found on the Jealous Curator here.

By now everyone has seen Simon Beck’s snow art but I still can’t get enough. See his creations and read an interesting description of his process here.

Photos of Greenland’s dark snow which is a result of climate change are absolutely stunning. Found on the Guardian here.

I love that this graffiti artist draws in the snow on cars in New York city.

Love winter sports? You can now talk with the friends you’re skiing or snowboarding with with this bluetooth devise retrofitted to most helmet styles.

52 Resolutions

Do you make resolutions? I have seen a post on social media a couple of places about someone who decided to make 52 resolutions and randomly choose one a week.  I love the idea. I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions as a rule and I also consider September to be the true start to a new year. I am, however, going to give this one a try.

How hard can it be to do one thing in/for one week? Famous last words…

weekly resolutions