Like a boat out of water

Happy summer everyone. Summer in Canada must… absolutely must, involve a canoe at some point. For those who are unable to gain access to a canoe or a rowboat or are afraid of the water or are land-locked or just look at things a bit differently there is a solution. Suspending a boat on your ceiling isn’t for everyone but it is one way to bring the boating life indoors.  I’ve gathered for you six examples of boats stuck on ceilings that are so interesting and original they will make you look up and say… “I wonder”.

boat on ceiling

Elle Decor via The image above is of the home of Jeffrey Alan Marks. The first time I ever saw a boat suspended was in his home on the series Million Dollar Decorators (which is a wonderful binge watch by the way).

boat on ceiling I can only assume that the rest of this lake house is pretty impressive too. If you have a ceiling like that who wouldn’t hang a boat?

canoe on ceiling This boat skeleton is pretty sculptural.

canoe on ceiling I find this example too close and a little scary, as though it’s going to fall.

canoe lighting

It looks like this unique canoe light fixture is no longer available  here

canoe on ceiling The shadows this casts must be interesting.

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