Snowy Links

horses in snow

Gorgeous, laboriously produced snowflake photos by Don Komarechka found on the Jealous Curator here.

By now everyone has seen Simon Beck’s snow art but I still can’t get enough. See his creations and read an interesting description of his process here.

Photos of Greenland’s dark snow which is a result of climate change are absolutely stunning. Found on the Guardian here.

I love that this graffiti artist draws in the snow on cars in New York city.

Love winter sports? You can now talk with the friends you’re skiing or snowboarding with with this bluetooth devise retrofitted to most helmet styles.

Plum Inspiration | plum inspiration


Plums play an important role in my childhood recollections. My Great Uncle Collie had a grove of plum trees outside his farmhouse and as a result we had bags of plums in the house all fall. We were sent off to school with a few plums in our pocket as a treat for recess. Not much of a treat when you’re in grade two and all you want is a Wagon Wheel or a store-bought cookie, but that’s beside the point. Every day… two plums in the pocket. So the sight and taste of plums really bring me back and say fall, home and warmth.

The variety of colours of plums can range from deep purple, to ruby red, to bright orangey yellow but most commonly it is a rich reddish purple that is a true plum. Get ready for some plum inspiration, or plumspiration.

Plum Aga stove

Aga stove in Aubergine

Plum kitchenaid mixer

KitchenAid boysenberry mixer from The Bay

Anne Sportin Cocktail ring

Anne Sportun cocktail ring

J Crew Field jacket

JCrew field jacket

Plum wallpaper

Lucy Plum wallpaper from Graham and Brown

Kate Spade bag

Kate Spade bag

Plum Wine

This Japanese plum wine is available through the LCBO.



Marbled Paper Love | Marbled paper look

I’m really loving marbled papers at the moment which led me to start looking for other marbled items.  Marbling paper is an ancient craft but if used in a fresh way it can be current and contemporary. It was originally meant to mimic the look of actual stone but with the ability to control the colour combinations and it delivers all the style with a fraction of the cost and effort.

How much marbling is too much? A coaster? Or a whole wall?

Jonathan Adler Coasters

If you want just a little touch of marbling try a set of coasters by Jonathan Adler available from Amazon so you can have them pronto!

I’m not sure I’m ready for this yet but if you’re willing to make more of an investment or a big commitment try a whole room of marbled wallpaper. The cost isn’t nearly as high as a wall of actual marble but still pretty labour intense.

Marble wallpaper

The stunning Strata wallpaper above is from West Elm. The photo of the similarly marble wallpapered bathroom below is from Lonny magazine.

Marbled bathroom wallpaper

The definitive word on marbled wallpapers seems to belong to Calico Wallpaper, click through to their site to see the whole range, it’s gorgeous. The photo below is from Calico wallpaper.

Calico marbled wallpaper

South Korean company Metafaux makes this great marbled stool, the photo below is from their site. They have a whole range of colours but this green is fantastic as a wonderful pop of colour, it almost looks like it’s made of playdough.

Metafaux marbled stool