Felted acorns for good luck | acorn

Do you have a good luck charm? I kind of do… I wear a pewter acorn as a pendant and it is one of my favourite things.

From the little acorn grows a mighty oak, so I thought it was appropriate to start my first post with an acorn.

So you carry around a lucky penny, have a lucky number, or a day of the week. What does it do for you? You walk a little taller, have a more positive attitude when you see it and have a general feeling things are going your way. It makes sense your day will be better… so obviously good luck charms work. Just sayin.

My good luck charm is an acorn, really any acorn and the more the merrier (or luckier). My oak tree has once again produced acorns this year after a year of none, not a one, so I’m going to fight off the squirrels and take advantage of the bumper crop to make something.

Finished acorns

These sweet little felted acorns are dead easy to make even if you have few needle skills.  I started with raw wool I got a few years ago at Lismore Farms in Nova Scotia.

Raw wool for acorn


I used a needle felting method which starts with a piece of raw wool gathered roughly together in a loose ball. The needle is barbed so that as it is poked into the raw wool it felts and makes it more dense.

Acorn under way

The resulting felted ball was glued into the real acorn caps I had gathered from my front yard. I love the resulting little acorns, I can see them scattered on a fall harvest table or strung on twine to make a garland.

Finished acorn


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