Cozy, comfy chairs to curl-up in

November is the month to curl up inside and get cozy again. Something hot to sip, something great to read and a warm, enveloping nest. Throw in a crackling fire and you have perfection.

Not all comfortable and cozy chairs for lounging have to be traditional here are some contemporary samples of nest chairs. Can’t you just imagine how wonderful these would feel?

Furry cozy chair  Aukland Quinten Chair

Cozy chair  Wool Hartwell Chair

Cozy chair  Chummy Frizzy Chair

cozy red chair – RISD Student Chair

puffy cozy chair   Arie Chair with Zipper

comfy chair  Nuvola 09 Armchair

Cozy chair  Wing Lounge Chair

furry chair   Furry Enzo Chair



Smoky Scents and Sips | smokey

It certainly seems like the typical rainy and dreary November weather is here again. When the colourful and showy leaves of October turn dusty and faded in November it’s time to start cocooning again. That means warm clothes, warm food and drinks, candles and wood fires. One of my favourite scents is a wood smoke scent.

Before this year I never had a favourite scent to wear. I had lots that I liked but I always tired of them quite quickly. That is until I found Déclaration by Cartier which has become my absolute favourite scent. (Never mind that until today in doing research for this blog post I didn’t know it was categorized and marketed as a man’s scent.) I still love it and the reason I do is because of the notes of a wood fire.

This got me searching out other wood smoke scents which led me to a Diptique candle my sister gave me last spring that I had never even lit but, it too, is now one of my favourite scents. I now look for woody, smoky scents and tastes wherever I could find them and the following is a short list of what I consider the best smoke scents around.

diptique candle

Diptique Feu de Bois candle found here.

Cartier declaration

Cartier Déclaration found here.

Nest hearth candle

This Hearth scented candle from Nest Fragrances can be found here but I got mine at Murale which is owned by Shoppers Drug Mart.

You can’t talk about smoky scents without talking about smoky tastes too. One of the first things that comes to mind when asked about smoky tastes is scotch. Apparently a smoky taste is equivalent to a peaty taste and the best and most peaty scotches come from Islay.  These “Peat Monsters” are considered to be the best: Laphroaig, Coal Ila, Talisker, Lagavulin, Bunnahabhain and Bruichladdich

Smoke ’em or sip ’em if you got ’em or in some cases, if you can afford ’em. All are available through the LCBO or the NSLC.

This gorgeous single malt scotch glass is hand cut on the Halifax waterfront by Nova Scotia Crystal and can be found here.

scotch glass