Welcome – Who is Mamie?

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Mamie was a musician, a mother and a wife and lived in Nova Scotia.  Mamie was widowed in her thirties, during the depression and she had seven children.  Mamie was my grandmother and I never met her.

Ciad mile fàilte means one hundred thousand welcomes in Gaelic and is a traditional welcome in Nova Scotia. This blog is from the point of view of a Maritimer living in Toronto who has a foot firmly planted in both places.

I am a graphic designer raised and educated in Nova Scotia who has lived in Toronto for years. I love Toronto, it is full of energy and interest, it’s where I work, make a home, have a family and have fun. I am also a Maritimer and always will be, Nova Scotia is where I grew up, was educated and where I still spend my summers.

The two worlds are very different but complementary. This blog is about finding the best of both worlds through things to make, music to listen to and places to experience and explore.